About the NIMA Marketing Day 2019

The NIMA Marketing Day is an event organised by The Netherlands Institute of Marketing (NIMA) and the magazine MarketingTribune.


NIMA is the Dutch association of professionals working in marketing, communications and sales. We have around 6,000 members and were founded in 1966 by marketers working in corporates, agencies and the academic world. NIMA supports the personal and professional development of marketing professionals during their career. We do so with a large and diverse network in which members and non-members learn from, meet and inspire each other. NIMA takes exams and assessments to measure the knowledge and skills level and to help companies improve their marketing strategy and organisation.


NIMA organizes the NIMA Marketing Day (NIMAMD) with MarketingTribune. MarketingTribune is published by professional media publisher BBP Media. BBP Media is also known for titles and brands like Marketingfacts, Twinkle Magazine, CustomerFirst and for other marketing events like the Branded Content Event and Influencer Marketing Event. NIMA is responsible for the concept, program, written communication and invites its members. BBP Media takes care of the logistics, registration, marketing and sales of NIMA Marketing Day.

Work, life, marketing

As from 2017 NIMA Marketing Day focuses one day a year on working and living in marketing. The event takes place on a semi-industrial location DeFabrique (The Factory) near Utrecht – 30 km’s from Amsterdam. NIMA Marketing Day has 15 Tracks/halls with a capacity of 100 seats per hall in which the most important and latest themes in marketing are being highlighted. These themes vary from the basics such as branding, media and design to more current issues such as artificial intelligence and storytelling. During the day  in every day five marketers will tell their marketing story. NIMA Marketing Day aims to be an authentic event. We want to reach out to every marketer on every level of knowledge and professional stage. The definition of marketing we use is the same definition that was approved by the American Marketing Association Board of Directors: Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.

The people

In 2018 1,700 people attended NIMA Marketing Day and this year we expect the same amount of visitors, of which twothird is NIMA Member. The mission of NIMAMD is in line with the mission of NIMA: we – marketers – help and inspire each other to be a better professional by sharing our experiences and the choices we’ve made. Most attendants are experienced marketers working in all kinds of organisations within different specialties and backgrounds, but are not working for the consultancies or agencies helping them to do so (such as advertising, strategy, media). With its visitors profile NIMA Marketing Day differs from most events and congresses in the Netherlands as most of these are being attended by service organisations for marketers. The average age of visitors is between 35 and 40 years, the percentage of men and women is almost 50/50 and 90% of the 2018 visitors had a university degree. According to a survey, the most important reason to attend NIMA Marketing Day is ‘to be educated and keep up with developments in marketing’. 

Although the NIMA Marketing Day has an important purpose, the atmosphere is relaxed and informal and focused on meeting and sharing knowledge and insights. The setting reminds of a festival, more than a congress and the organiser adds to this feeling by introducing a DJ, cocktail bar and a summery entourage. Part of the day is being spend outdoors as this event is organised on the Thursday nearest to the longest day of the year.

The Presentations

NIMA is looking for four speakers (marketers ‘on the job’) within a track who are willing and are prepared to share their story to aroom full of fellow marketing professionals. It is important that both the speaker and the audience look forward to a presentation. We look for special stories, not necessarily for success stories as we can learn from mistakes. Marketers or entrepreneurs who tell their story are asked to explain their case (if possible) from the “business objective / strategy – marketing objective / strategy – marketing implementation or tactics”. There is no strict format in which the presentation should be given. The audience consists of mainly professionals who are experienced in the unruly practice of their jobs. Ideally, the presentation takes half an hour followed by  ten minutes  for interaction with the audience. Please discuss with the organiser if there are any technical requests.

English and B2B

Dutch is the spoken language on NIMA Marketing Day , but as we are an international orientated country the event offers English natives the possibility to follow key elements of the program in English. We expect to have about 15 presentations in English including the Key note at the start of the day.
Some of the B2B oriented presentations will also be offered in English. Therefore there is always be choice between some pure B2B Marketing cases on every moment of the day. English spoken and B2B presentations will be clearly marked within the program table (leaflet and online).

All sessions in English

Tom Goodwin. Eat Your Greens, Kantar. Rijksmuseum, Storyteq, Genesys, allservices, Ticketswap, NUON Vattenval, IMD business school

Sponsors and Key Notes

NIMA Marketing Day offers 15 tracks, with 5 presentations/time slots of which 4 are chosen/invited by the NIMA Marketing Day Program Committee and 1 can be offered by partners and sponsors. Therefore 80% of the program is purely chosen on content and relevance and is being presented by working professionals. Before and after there will be a headliner/key note. One of these is an international well known marketing author/speaker, the other is a well-known marketer who is being considered an outstanding leader in our profession. Both key notes take place in a large conference hall on the location with a capacity of a 1,000 people.

(But this is not a marketer, is it!?….)

That is also possible. Marketers use principles, theory and tactics that are sometimes developed much better or in a very original way outside the working field of marketers such as  hospitality management, scenario thinking and purpose driven entrepreneurship . Such stories are often followed by marketers. So we don’t just invite ‘standard marketing colleagues’, on the contrary. The aim of the NIMA Marketing Day is to exchange experiences, insights and ideas.

Case or strategy?

NMD sometimes invites speakers because they have led a special project, but the invitation can also be based on a strategic choice or policy. As a rule, NIMA explains – or clarifies – the reason for the invitation.

The truth

NIMA believes in continuing education, in any form, for marketing professionals. That is also the reason why NIMA organises a Marketing Day this way. Marketing and views on topics such as communication, branding, research and media is changing rapidly. We learn from theory, practice and research. The NIMA Marketing Day is primarily organised for sharing practical experience, where all the knowledge gained can be of value to others. For that reason we do not invite “standard winners” of professional prizes or just big names. We ask to share insights as honestly as possible, where directions might have been chosen differently afterwards.. Of course, sensitive business information does not have to be shared but we do ask to disclose the context in which choices were made.

Why this program?

NIMA Marketing Day is real co-creation. All NIMA members have been able to indicate which organizations and people they wish to follow. The only condition NIMA set for suggestions of speakers was that they need to fit one of the themes and that it is not a service provider. There are many marketing consultants, agencies, consultants and gurus who want to speak at the event, but this role in the NMD program is reserved for the sponsors of the event and make up a maximum of 20% of the presentations. Around fifty NIMA Members have submitted topics and names for the program. Team NIMA (based in Amsterdam withe about 15 employees) approaches these people on the recommendation of a NMD Advisory Board. The speaker is responsible for the budget or for the project she or he is presenting.

What if a speaker says ‘yes, count me in!’?

NIMA thanks those professionals on behalf of the members and the entire marketing profession for that commitment. We are looking forward to it! All agreements regarding the program, the presentation, times, organization, technology etcetera are processed by NIMA’s organization partner: BBP Media. BBP contacts speakers and coordinates the organizational part. It is always possible to discuss the content or set-up of the presentation with NIMA.

What do people get for their presentation?

A wonderful experience and great conversations. NIMA Marketing Day is not a “revenue model” and NIMA aims for this event to be cost neutral. The amount of sponsors is limited and these sponsorships are used te make this event possible. NIMA is an association and offers its members free access (registration required with a no-show policy). For that reason we ask – with the exception of the two key note speakers – marketers to tell their story for free. Of course it is possible for speakers to have their travel expenses covered and to bring along  a colleague.

Which companies are invited by NIMA to provide a presentation in the 2019 edition?

Hartman, Nuon Vattenfall, Hartstichting, Tikkie, Airmiles, Pulitzer, VodafoneZiggo, MyLaps, Alliander, Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, Eindhoven Citymarketing, Luxor Rotterdam, Catharijneconvent, Made.com, Zilveren Kruis, PostNL, Perfetti Van Melle, Sanquin, Basic-Fit, Rabobank, Spotler, Royal Delft, Staatsloterij, Rijksmuseum, Ticket Swap, srprs.me, T-Mobile, Miele, Sanoma, Catawiki, Bol.com, De Verspillingsfabriek, Natuurmonumenten, PEC Zwolle, Schiphol, Swapfiets, ABN Amro – B2B, I am Toro, Eat Your Greens, Antonius Ziekenhuis, Young Capital, Metaalhandel MCB, VGZ, Berkvens, Eneco, Good Fuels, Achmea, Burgers’ Zoo, Bavaria, All Services, VU University Amsterdam.

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