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Richard McCrossan I Genesys 

Mijn B2B sessie in the AI & Tech Innovation:

Artificial Intelligence for Marketing and Sales – smarter engagements, better outcomes. Flag: United Kingdom on Apple iOS 12.2

The industry average conversion rate from qualified leads to sales is around 2%.  This conversion rate is so low because businesses are drowning in data and are unable to utilise the human touch in a smart way.  Engagements are too late and disconnected from the journey.  Sales teams can’t have meaningful interactions as the right data is too hard to find. Artificial Intelligence can help by predicting outcomes and triggering engagements with the right sales resource in real time, at the right time, with the right prospect.

Biografie Richard McCrossan

For over 10 years, Richard McCrossan has been helped organizations around the world deliver exceptional experiences for their customers and employees. Richard received a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Queens University, Belfast, Northern Ireland and prior to his role here at Genesys, was a solutions specialist at two different organizations in Europe. In his current role as digital lead at Genesys, Richard focuses on helping organizations across the world build a seamless customer experiences across all digital contact channels. Richard is passionate about helping businesses become agile and creating an exceptional customer experience and the ROI that can be realized from doing so.

Outside of revolutionizing an organization’s relationships with their customers, Richard enjoys photography, playing music and following Formula 1. He currently lives in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, with his wife and their 2 boys.

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