Marion Debruyne

Dean Vlerick Business School

Prof Dr Marion Debruyne (http://www.vlerick.com/en/research-and-faculty/faculty/marion-debruyne)  is Dean at Vlerick Business School. Marion is passionate about the strategic side of innovation and the innovative side of strategy. She helps companies think about how to respond to changing markets and escape commoditization by adapting their product line, marketing strategy and ultimately, their business model.


Een kort interview met Marion

Waarom mogen mensen jouw presentatie niet missen?
It will be pragmatic and a complete sharing of our learnings and tools on how to create professional B2B marketer.

Welke lessen kunnen bezoekers volgens jou leren tijdens een bezoek NIMA Marketing Day?
It will be an exchange of experiences of top marketers.

Welke recente ontwikkeling in marketing – het vak en de functie – boeit jou momenteel het meest en waarom?
I’m intrigued how the current interest in the tech world can translate into the customer world (as I fundamentally believe that, in the words of Henry Chesbrough, it’s better to have a mediocre technology with a great business model, than great technology with a mediocre business model)

Marketeers zijn er in veel soorten, maar wat is dé specifieke eigenschap die iedere marketeer nodig heeft voor succes?
Curiosity and a growth mindset

Wat is de persoonlijke missie van het merk Marion Debruyne?
To inspire people to challenge themselves and challenge the status quo

Wat was hét (toevallige) gelukje dat jouw marketingloopbaan een positieve impuls gaf?
Walking into Vlerick Business School was the trigger that totally changed my life and my career. An engineer transformed into a marketeer.

Stel dat je begin twintig zou zijn en opnieuw aan je loopbaan zou beginnen. Bij welk bedrijf zou je solliciteren?


Mijn sessies

How to create future proof B2B marketers? A shared experience by DSM and Vlerick business school

DSM + Dean Vlerick Business School


How to create future proof B2B marketers? A shared experience by DSM and Vlerick business school A successful B2B marketer is a π-shaped professional, who combines marketing knowledge, with digital innovations and great story telling skills. Many B2B marketers have their roots in technology. How do you ensure that these highly skilled “technicians” become true marketers and spend enough time in the continuous development of their marketing knowledge and skills? DSM and Vlerick joint forces and practiced what they preach and created a customer centric, segmented, capability development approach. We will explain our journey, demonstrate our digital B2B learning tools and share the results and learnings of the last 3 years.

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