Erica van Vonderen

Erica van Vonderen-Hahn & Jennifer Halsall – de Wit I Basic-Fit

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Basic-Fit: The smart way to get fit 🇬🇧

Maintaining a healthy sports routine is easier said than done. We all know how quickly you can relapse into your bad habits. Luckily digital devices that function as a big stick make it easier for us to stay fit and motivated. With two club openings per week Basic-Fit is Europe’s fastest growing fitness center. The marketing and service team’s digital services enrich the customer experience which enable the client to become and stay fit in a smart way. During this session you can experience the client’s Basic-Fit real-life journey so you’ll be ready to become fit in a smart way.

Biografie Jennifer

Jennifer is an international expert in Fitness, Personal Training and Member Retention. Over the past 18 years she has been at the heart and helm of the Fitness Department for 4 of the biggest gym chains in the world.  She brings a diverse and dynamic skill-set to her senior roles in Personal Training Operations, Fitness & Group Exercise Programming, Product Development, Training & Development and Customer Experience.

At her heart, she is a Personal Trainer and Coach – as she has been a part of the fitness journey for thousands of people.  Her vision is to make the expertise of a highly qualified personal trainer accessible to everyone.

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